The Essence of a Photographer

The Essence of a Photographer

What do you look for when choosing a photographer?

I truly believe God bestows gifts and talents upon individuals who are destined for a greater purpose in this lifetime. For instance, there are photographers and then there are “Photographers”.

On that note: I would love to give tribute to two distinctive lifestyle photographers. Atlanta based, Ross Oscar Knight and New York City based, Parris Whittingham. You can tell how passionate each are in their craft, bringing more than just film to a shoot or an event. Something so much more. Being a wedding planner I am exposed to many different photographers, with a variety of styles. But having seen the work of Ross and Parris nothing quite compares. They both are in a universe all their own. Bringing a unique approach and moving concepts to the images they produce. I am amazed and moved every time I visit their sites(Websites & blogs).

So what should you look for in a wedding photographer?

A) Style
B) Quality
C) Compassion
D) Getting to know them

It’s so important that you develop a relationship with your photographer several months before your wedding. Remember, it’s so much easier to open up around someone that you know, than to someone you don’t really know. After all your photographer will be with you for the majority of your wedding day and you want to be comfortable in every aspect around him or her. You’ll be amazed and captivated by your pics.

In speaking with Parris, I found him to be incredibility gifted and compassionate. He possesses a great sense of humor. His concept: is pure and natural. He’s all about getting to know the people and couples he photographs, not just on a business level, but a personal level and it shows in his art.

So Kudos to Ross Oscar Knight and Parris Whittingham. I look forward to working with you guys in the near future… To see more of Ross & Parris’ work stay tuned to the “Spotlight Tribute” where I will feature some of their work on the memoirs blog soon. Until then feel free to visit: and

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