The Essentials Of Wedding Planning…

What you need to do to get your wedding plans off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Now that your engagement is in full swing and the excitement of the proposal begins to slightly fade.. you begin to wonder, where do I begin? If you’re not sure what to do or where to start here are some foundational keys to ensure the success of your Special Day.

The Essentials For A Happy Wedding Planning
The Essentials For A Happy Wedding Planning

1. Set The Date.

2. Set a Realistic Budget.

Have a meeting with all those contributing to the costs of your wedding.

3. Compile your guests list.

4. Choose your ceremony & reception venues.

Note that if you plan to have a religious ceremony, the booking of your reception venue is dependent on the availability of the Church/Minister.

5. Decide on your theme and color scheme.

6. Do your homework.

Educate yourself on what’s out there. Buy Bridal mags, and watch wedding shows to cue in on what kind and type of details you would want for your special day. Start a Bridal Binder or develop your own Inspirational Board.

7. Get help if you need it.

Even the most organized person needs a second. Did you know it takes over 200 hours to plan a wedding? Where does one find time to sleep? Eat? Shop? Enlisting the services of a wedding planner may be an option or you.

Remember: Make a mental note to have fun, and incorporate that into your planning process. Especially when challenges are impending, take break and come back at another time with a different approach. You’ll be refreshed and glad that you did.

Happy Planning!

Your Truly Lisa Michelle
Your Truly Lisa Michelle


A Day in the Life Of A Wedding Planner

A Day in the Life

 ……….and shoes of a Wedding Planner.

It’s no wonder that I love what I do. I am passionate toward the cause of making my clients dreams come true. Although at times challenging, my career is very rewarding. As many of you know and for those of you who do not, I have been doing this for quite some time (the business), and no matter what obstacles have come my way, still I rise.

It’s so important to have your dreams harnessed in more than just the glitz and the glam. Yet rooted with a realistic approach, hard work, perseverance, and knowingthat with faith nothing is impossible. It’s with these things, above all, faith that you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to. My goal is to instill this in each person that I come into contact with. Business and Personal. Faith is the antidote that cures all “cant’s” and “impossibilities”.

So when challenges arise, I look back at all of my dreams that have come to pass to date. And with that same passion and drive that has bought me through, I push forward in spite of. Stronger. Wiser. Better. So when others tell you that you can’t do what you want or if they feel that it’s not within the stars, allow your mind to become impervious to their doubt; only to strive harder and reach higher.

Remember your dreams are your dreams, and no one has the power to take them from you, except you.

Little Girl No More… My sister’s Wedding Invitation

Little Girl No More…


Adrienne & Dwight

Well the time is winding down and the days are getting closer. My baby sister is getting married. It seemed like it was just yesterday that I was just changing her diaper. Adrienne is the youngest of the twin set, and her older twin couldn’t be more happier for her.

The Details:

When: Saturday, July 5, 2015
Where: Bronx,NY
Color Scheme: Platinum, White, & Pale Robins egg blue
Wedding Planner: Yours truly

So it all comes down to what my plans will be for her on her special day. Many, many surprises. Adrienne is a huge Disney fan, so use your imagination. Although it may not be what you think initially. What are the advantages for having a wedding planner for a big sister? Unlimited resources.. and I think she knows it.

I had so much fun designing the invitations for their wedding. Actually this invitation is actually part of a larger collection of mine from the Dreams & Keepsakes Division, soon to be launched in summer of 2008.

So stay tuned….

Imagine Wedding Designer

Imagine Wedding Designer

The Video Game? How cool is that?

What will they think of next? I am really amazed at how our technology has evolved. Furthermore, I am totally blown away by this video game. Produced by Nintendo for their DS game system, the featuring inspirations are everything from choosing a wedding location, to decorating the venue, to choosing the perfect gown, and so much more.

Gee, where was this interactive game when I was just a wee designer? Now don’t get me wrong, Barbie’s Fashion Plates were the move, but this takes the cake. I mean literally. What better way to get the wee and not-so-wee to understand and become more involved in the planning aspect even if it’s from a recreational standpoint. Who knows this video can be a prerequisite to piquing their curiosity, thus paving the way for a another, Preston Bailey, Martha Stewart, David Tutera, or Colin Cowie (just some of my inspirations).

Can you Imagine? I can.

Whoo-hoo! Let the games begin…

Happy Planning!