Your Wedding Day Memories

Your Wedding Day Memories

What will you remember about your wedding day?

It’s so hard to take into the account every little detail that will occur on your special day. Especially when having to cope with getting your hair and makeup exactly the way it was three weeks ago when you went for a trial run. Your nerves going haywire. Your bridesmaids being on point. Your mother. Getting to the church on time. Did I mention your nerves? Your flowers all being accounted for. And more importantly, keeping emotionally sound so that your mascara doesn’t run.

The Key: Your peace of mind. Rule of thumb: Everything falls short of perfection. With that in mind try to focus on what matters most; your union, your loved ones there to share in the joy, and the celebration of your love for one another on that day.

Also try something a little less traditional at one point or another throughout your day. Something that will cause your mind and your heart to fall in line collectively and with each other. Such as a stolen moment, before or after the ceremony. With trying to stay on schedule; ergo to avoid paying additional fees, greeting your guests, and on top of that trying to actually enjoy the day, it can become a tad bit overwhelming. Nowadays brides and grooms are “taking” quiet time out for each other during their wedding day. A time to focus solely on each other and maintain your balances.

If you have a fairytale vision for your special day, or if you envisioned a romantic moment with your groom; GO FOR IT!. Delegate that duty to someone who would assist you in making it happen. And then have your photographer there to capture that moment, forever.

After all dreams do come true, producing memories that will last you a lifetime.

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