A Day in the Life Of A Wedding Planner

A Day in the Life

 ……….and shoes of a Wedding Planner.

It’s no wonder that I love what I do. I am passionate toward the cause of making my clients dreams come true. Although at times challenging, my career is very rewarding. As many of you know and for those of you who do not, I have been doing this for quite some time (the business), and no matter what obstacles have come my way, still I rise.

It’s so important to have your dreams harnessed in more than just the glitz and the glam. Yet rooted with a realistic approach, hard work, perseverance, and knowingthat with faith nothing is impossible. It’s with these things, above all, faith that you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to. My goal is to instill this in each person that I come into contact with. Business and Personal. Faith is the antidote that cures all “cant’s” and “impossibilities”.

So when challenges arise, I look back at all of my dreams that have come to pass to date. And with that same passion and drive that has bought me through, I push forward in spite of. Stronger. Wiser. Better. So when others tell you that you can’t do what you want or if they feel that it’s not within the stars, allow your mind to become impervious to their doubt; only to strive harder and reach higher.

Remember your dreams are your dreams, and no one has the power to take them from you, except you.

Our New Wedding Planning Space

Our New Space

Saturday was the first day of New Beginnings for us. We began our move into the new LMEP location. I had already envisioned how I wanted it to look and what key pieces would be essential for the utilization of the space long beforehand. It was important to me to create an inviting yet intimate setting for my couples. Especially when meeting my Brides and catering to their dreams and needs for their special day.

Throughout the salon I incorporated a few of the essentials such as a wedding dress, floral arrangements, favors, and different kinds of stationery for her to see and touch. So that she would be able to be get a sense of what her day would be like.

Although settled, I’m not done yet. I have so much more to do. It really has yet to sink in, and I’m sure the more that I’m there, I will become overwhelmed with emotion and the joy that comes with the success of this growth in my business. Yes. Yes and yes. I’m thankful and honored to be in a place to assist others with their very special day and events. More importantly, I would like to thank those who assisted with the move, the clean up, and the set up. I really appreciate all of your prayers, help and support. Until….

Grace & Peace,