Down That Aisle In Style

Down That Aisle In Style

Greetings All,

I recently received this amazing and detailed book for today’s Full-Figured Bride. This book offers real advice and encouragement, while providing a “Dream Map” to assist full-figured women in planning one of the most important days of their lives.

Did you know that the average size of a woman in the US is a size 16? And more and more she is making her debut down the aisle, and in style. Who said that true beauty only came in a size 6? Not any more, for the race is on!

The author Chamein Canton is phenomenal. A survivor, and a miracle among us. With many years in the wedding industry, as a wedding consultant and accomplished author, she has a heart to give back to women and she did just that in her new book, Down That Aisle In Style, A Guide for Full-Figured Women.

As I consumed the content of the pages, literally, I was blown away. This book is so rich in advice on health and beauty tips. Dress and veils selections according to your body and face shape. Yeah, it’s really that deep. It’s detailed in photos and is surplus in information. Plus it’s easy to read. In addition, it explains how and why you should choose a photographer, that has experience working with full-figured clients, and so much more. Umm…umm, Good Stuff!

The experience had encouraged me to refer to this Guide when working with my full-figured clients and recommend to those who are not. This book is retailed at $34.95 and is available in hardback on Reserve your copy today! If not for youself, then for that full-figured (soon-to-be-bride) woman in your life. Trust me, she’ll cherish it, and you for contributing to her peace of mind on her very special day.

I think it’s important for any bride to feel like Cinderella on her special day. More importantly, to feel that way the months leading up to that day. Confidence is an essential part of the equation and can be attained only when you educate yourself, and truly accept and love you for who you are. Beautiful, Bountiful, and Blessed!