Monday Memoirs..

Monday Memoirs..

My Dear Beloved,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the ceremony venue of one of my 2016 couples. This church based in Harlem, NY is magnificent inside as well as outside. The beauty, unreal. As I stood standing in front of the pulpit to snap this photo, I couldn’t help but feel the deity of the Godhead. I wanted to kneel and give honor. With it’s marble posts, head, stairs, and gold double doors, I couldn’t help but to imagine the Kingdom that awaited beyond them. Standing about two stories high it did not overpower, but only added to the majesty of edifice, which included a second and third mezzanine.

In “shopping” around for that perfect place to have your ceremony and reception consider choosing a place that has meaning to you. You know like finding that perfect pair of shoes. It will only add to the joy and magic of your day. If you don’t have that option because you don’t have one or it’s not available to you, you should choose a place where you both feel a sense of connection.

Needless to say, in all of these, the magic of your day will not flow if those who are charged to the place are not connected. In my experience as a wedding professional I’ve come across some really great venues and vendors, but the customer relations were out to snacks. If you are given headache from jump and the aspirin that you do take creates an even bigger headache, which then turns into a migraine, it’s will not be worth it in the long run. That’s why it is so essential to ask for references, read reviews, and get feedback from former clients. As a wedding planner, it is my responsibility to test the waters by putting myself in my clients’ shoes. If I am treated in any way that’s makes me feel compromised or uncomfortable, there’s no way that I would allow my clients to be treated in that same manner. Equally or worse.

So no matter how beautiful the venue, make sure you meet and greet the folks who work there. Make sure the beauty runs below the surface in all respects. Key point: It’s You Day. Your Dreams. Your Peace of Mind. Not just on the day of, but the months, weeks, and days leading up to it.


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