Letisha & Mark (Part 2)

Letisha & Mark (Part 2)

Here’s another update on this Fab Couple. For the first set of Letisha & Marks’ engagement photos, they posed for Vaughn Freeman of Visual Mystique Studios. The day held for overcast skies and was crisp, but the love between these two kept it warm, toasty, and the clouds at bay. Mark had injured his ring finger (yes – oh my!) very badly a few days before in a construction mishap. As always, he kept us in stitches. What a trooper. We had a blast!

I have posted a few photos for your viewing:

Vaughn captured a lot of great shots. Too many of which that could be published here. But some of Leti’s favorites are seen here.

This one is my favorite too!

Congrats Guys!


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