Essence of a Photographer – Part 2

Essence of a Photographer – Part 2

This is a follow up from a previous post this past spring, on what to look for when selecting a photographer for your milestone event. It is so important that you develop some type of relationship beforehand. So I would suggest scheduling pre-sessions (engagement, photo shoot) so that way you can get to know him/her and the camera as well. For those of you who are not as photogenic as others tend to be, I recommend doing this. You will not only be glad that you did it, but you’ll look and feel comfortable in front of the camera the day of. It will make a world of a difference!

So in my quest to locate and connect with lifestyle photographers who go above and beyond their calling. Those who allow their gifts to make room for them. I have found far and few whose work have been refreshing, inspiring, and captivating. This photographer’s attention to detail is any planners dream come true. His ability to capture a moment, forever in time, is truly remarkable.

I would like to introduce some and present to others, my friend and colleague, Atlanta based Ross Oscar Knight. Ross is one of the most sought after lifestyle photographers and he is well known for his shots all over the globe. A humanitarian, and a leader who also gives back to his community.

I would like to share some (a few of my favorites) of his work with you..

“…the key is to Love what you see.” -Knight

If capturing memories are one of your top goals for your special day, don’t settle. I can’t expressed the importance of thoroughly researching the person you consider to be at the heart of your special day. A seasoned wedding photographer will know what shots work best traditional and non traditional in sealing those moments in time forever.

Just know that anyone can take a picture, but only one can tell your story.

Happy Planning!


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