Bridal Shower Bliss

Bridal Shower Bliss

This weekend we surprised Adrienne, the Bride-to-Be (my baby sister) with her shower.

It was a completely unexpected and emotional event for her and special for everyone else involved. Everything was lovely. From the cake topper to her wedding gown balloon, to her serving plates. Every last detail was lovely, well thought out and orchestrated to perfection. I had to give kudos to the Maid of Honor, Freda, who happens to be the oldest of the twin set.

Well folks, we’re down to the wire. With only 17 more days until Matrimonial Bliss and the bride couldn’t be more happier or excited.

Me too!..

The Essentials Of Wedding Planning…

What you need to do to get your wedding plans off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Now that your engagement is in full swing and the excitement of the proposal begins to slightly fade.. you begin to wonder, where do I begin? If you’re not sure what to do or where to start here are some foundational keys to ensure the success of your Special Day.

The Essentials For A Happy Wedding Planning
The Essentials For A Happy Wedding Planning

1. Set The Date.

2. Set a Realistic Budget.

Have a meeting with all those contributing to the costs of your wedding.

3. Compile your guests list.

4. Choose your ceremony & reception venues.

Note that if you plan to have a religious ceremony, the booking of your reception venue is dependent on the availability of the Church/Minister.

5. Decide on your theme and color scheme.

6. Do your homework.

Educate yourself on what’s out there. Buy Bridal mags, and watch wedding shows to cue in on what kind and type of details you would want for your special day. Start a Bridal Binder or develop your own Inspirational Board.

7. Get help if you need it.

Even the most organized person needs a second. Did you know it takes over 200 hours to plan a wedding? Where does one find time to sleep? Eat? Shop? Enlisting the services of a wedding planner may be an option or you.

Remember: Make a mental note to have fun, and incorporate that into your planning process. Especially when challenges are impending, take break and come back at another time with a different approach. You’ll be refreshed and glad that you did.

Happy Planning!

Your Truly Lisa Michelle
Your Truly Lisa Michelle


Protecting Your Dreams

Protecting Your Dreams

Did you ever wonder what you would do, if the bridal shop where your ordered your dress from, or the florist where you purchased your dream bouquet, or the entertainment company that you booked for your special day went out of business weeks to days before your event?

No one ever expects the unfortunate to happen on the day of their wedding. Nor the days or weeks leading up to it. It’s better to be safe and secure your dreams than to be sorry. For as little as a $160… you can help to ensure that your day goes as planned. Insure your dreams for own your peace of mind.

Why is wedding insurance so important?

Well for reasons other than the ones listed above, but not limited to; what should happen if someone fell or hurt themselves? For instance, if you are an outdoors type and decided to have your event at an Off-Prem location. For example; a beach, or park. Someone elses’ clumsiness or irresponsibility could wind up being your price to pay. Note: Even though no one expects these mishaps to occur, unfortunately they do. You should give considerable thought to ” In case something should go wrong, would I be protected?” Regardless of where you chose to celebrate your nuptials, or the vendors that you choose, the possibilities are endless. There is no other assurance than insurance for your special day and your Peace of Mind. Another tip, if you can try to pay for everything with your credit card, for your own protection, do so. It’s a binding record keeper.

Furthermore, plan ahead, research, and do the foot work to secure your dreams. So much work, time, and effort goes into planning your special day. Plan for the unexpected. So much of your heart and soul is vested in the entire process of planning your wedding. Even what you think may be a small and insignificant detail, could be the one thing that can wipe out your dreams.

After all they are your Dreams and nothing should be left to chance!

Happy Planning!


New Horizons In Wedding Planning

New Horizons In Wedding Planning

You know when you have a dream, and you get really excited about the dream. But then when that dream comes true, your not quite sure that you’re ready for it?

I was contacted a few weeks ago about commerical space for my business. I went, saw the space, and immediately something sparked. Now mind you, while vacationing this past summer, I was brainstorming about the next step in my business. Where do I go? What do I do? My mind, my spirit, and my heart were collectively telling me that I needed to expand business wise. To find a location where I would be able to be put my work on display and get noticed publicly, on a day-to-day basis. For those of you who know, I have been operating a home based business for 5 years now.

That was one month ago today.

And I am happy to announce that today, the paperwork was started to begin the process of the NEW LMEP location. I’m excited, and nervous at the same time. And above all, I am ready. This new and exciting venture comes with endless possibilities and I am delighted! All of this couldn’t have come at a better time (Only God Knows – and to him I am completely thankful),this opportunity along with the up coming bridal show in three weeks. As well as the release of my company’s’ marketing video showcasing our past events and our keepsake products.

I could only think of two places where to share my testimony; with my faithful readers and supporters, and my family in the faith. I will keep you informed of the when & where of the bridal show, as well as the progress of the shop. Stayed tuned for the new marketing materials that made the cut from our “Cast Your Votes” segment this past summer and the launch of the new LMEP website.

Wrapper’s Delight

Wrapper’s Delight

It doesn’t get any better than this!

A great option for the Modern bride in a non-traditional way. Cupcakes! This hot confection is making it’s way into the reception halls all across the nation. Although this trend is not new, the wrappers and their many designs are. Butterflies, lace, filigree, choo choo trains, rose vines, and so much more. To really take it a notch above, coordinate with an edible delight such as seen above.

A new and trend setting way for today’s Bride. What expresses Theme more? An exciting alternative to the wedding cake and a delightful pleasure to your palette. If your baker doesn’t have them, you can obtain them online.

Confections and photos courtesy of The Pink Cake Box.

So dare to be different and set a trend!

Happy Planning!

Amazing Cakes

Amazing Cakes

I am truly amazed at the many different trends that our industry produces. What ones comes up with next one never knows until it explodes on the scene. In the process of taking our breath away, it also removes the ceiling of what was and gives us the hope of endless possibilities of what could be. Dreams coming true. Take for instance, The Wedding Cake. As time progresses the traditional no has precedence,while non-traditional takes the helm. Outrages designs, infused with the designers skill and the couples personality and style reflected through and through. The first and certainly not the last,I present this Amazing Cake.

Do you think this couple probably fancied donuts?

Happy Planning!

Vera Wang Fine Papers

Vera Wang Fine Papers

I love a good Stock… Paper that is.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much this is a thrill for me. Parchment, vellum, and ribbon. Ah.. the joy of keepsake pieces. I fell in love… with Vera Wang’s Wedding Papers.

It’s so important that you find pieces that you can connect to on some level or another on your special day. “Channel” your style so that it reflects throughout your entire event. This little detail can take on a whole new meaning of creating your theme, with little or no effort on your part.

Embossed Chrysanthemum Thank You Notes

Embossed Thank You Notes

Grand Entrance Lace

Bold Scrolls Empress Brocade

These are a many of several that I adore. Aren’t they great?

Happy Planning!


An Era of a Bride – The Wedding Memoirs

An Era of a Bride

Are you a modern-day gal or are you a true romantic at heart longing for days long ago?

Since the 1800’s women have donned themselves with elaborate style gowns infused with ruffles, brocade, lace, and jewels. Petticoats, and undergarments, and other underpinnings that required the help of several others to get into to achieve the desired effect. From Queen Elizabeth to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Princess Diana, and to you the brides of today and tomorrow, all had/have unique styles and qualities that set each one apart from the other.

What statement would you like to make as your debut as a bride? Whatever your ideals are for your look for your Big Day, know that in choosing a particular style, or era, it will affect your overall being (Temporally, emotionally, and physically). Your essence as a Bride really and truly permeates from your thoughts and feelings about yourself intertwined with the love of that for your groom. Your attire will only enhance it.

In choosing your attire for your special day, give careful thought about the type of person that you are. If you’re glamours, romantic, carefree, or modern, start there. My advice, if you choose an era style or a style that does not match or reflect your personality, it will offset your equilibrium. As a result you will not feel comfortable, and will probably not enjoy your day to it’s fullest. With that as your base, and in choosing a gown/dress of your dreams, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

* How you feel in the dress?
* Is it size appropriate?
* Does it cover up tattoos or scars?(Would concealer or make up be an option?)
* Are you comfortable?
* Does this tie into the theme or style of your wedding?

Note: Your dress should never wear you, but you should wear your dress.

So, what type of bride will you be? If you choose an era say of the 1800’s, 1920′, 1940’s, go for it, but in the process don’t forget to let you shine through. You would want the woman your groom fell in love to be present on that day. And you would want to see you when you look through your photo album years from now.

Remember, what you feel and view about yourself on your big day, is how others will view you as well.

Amazing Cakes

Amazing Cakes

The 2nd cake of this series.

This cake is beyond amazing. It is out of this WORLD. However one can’t help but to be amazed by it. This is an understatement to the term “A Bed of Roses”.

Quaintly beautiful in form, yet overwhelmingly artful. The confections would be considered a god among all Cakeland.

I have to ask; How does one even attempt to cut into it? Do you think each individual rosebud is an actual cake?

What do you think?

Happy Planning!

All About The Groom

All About The Groom

We’ve all heard the stories and have read countless articles about the Bride. “The Perfect Dress” and the “Perfect Location”, but rarely do we see or hear anything about her shy, quiet, yet equally important counterpart. The Groom.

Did you know that there are more publications that canvas the globe and travel through the circuits of the World Wide Web concerning the bride, than the groom?

Well isn’t he just as important?

After all there would be no wedding without him. Even though the groom’s role is often downplayed, and mostly in the background, he’s an essential and vital part to the success of the day’s events.

A grooms’ persona may be projected as that of nonchalant, laid back, NID’s (Not Into Details), and in several instances, that’s how it is.

You may have heard many stories of grooms not wanting to get involved in planning their “Big Day”, leaving the bride, MOTB (Mother of the Bride) and the MOH (Maid of Honor) to handle all of the details. But that ‘s on the contrary. More & more grooms today are taking an active role in planning their nuptials. From choosing colors palettes and themes, taking dance lessons, making music selections, and right down to coordinating his party’s look for the day. It’s without a shadow of a doubt , that his tastes and ideas could be matched with that of his bride to be.

Either way, whether his input is great or STN (Slim To Nil), know that it’s okay. Give him the opportunity to express himself, even if it’s only minute in form. Just know that he’s committed. Not often portrayed in do or deed, but in matters of the heart.

However frustrating this may be because of his too calm, too cool, and too collected attitude, don’t be dismayed. Get him involved by asking him questions that will only pique and grab hold of his interests. For instance, if he’s not a coattail and cuff link type of guy, but he plans to get spiffed up on the Big Day, ask him to make a list of photos he’d like the photographer to capture of him getting donned up to commemorate this very special day. Get creative in finding ways to get him involved.

Moreover, from my experience in dealing with grooms firsthand, the facade does not last very long and the gloves tend to come off the moment he lays eyes on his bride (and the floodgates of emotions are no longer able to contain themselves), as she begins her walk down the aisle, towards him, and their destiny together.

From the Groom’s point of view, “Saying less …. is More”. Often of few words, his opinions and ideas are worth more than their weight than gold.