Letisha & Mark (Part 2)

Letisha & Mark (Part 2)

Here’s another update on this Fab Couple. For the first set of Letisha & Marks’ engagement photos, they posed for Vaughn Freeman of Visual Mystique Studios. The day held for overcast skies and was crisp, but the love between these two kept it warm, toasty, and the clouds at bay. Mark had injured his ring finger (yes – oh my!) very badly a few days before in a construction mishap. As always, he kept us in stitches. What a trooper. We had a blast!

I have posted a few photos for your viewing:

Vaughn captured a lot of great shots. Too many of which that could be published here. But some of Leti’s favorites are seen here.

This one is my favorite too!

Congrats Guys!


Your Wedding Day Memories

Your Wedding Day Memories

What will you remember about your wedding day?

It’s so hard to take into the account every little detail that will occur on your special day. Especially when having to cope with getting your hair and makeup exactly the way it was three weeks ago when you went for a trial run. Your nerves going haywire. Your bridesmaids being on point. Your mother. Getting to the church on time. Did I mention your nerves? Your flowers all being accounted for. And more importantly, keeping emotionally sound so that your mascara doesn’t run.

The Key: Your peace of mind. Rule of thumb: Everything falls short of perfection. With that in mind try to focus on what matters most; your union, your loved ones there to share in the joy, and the celebration of your love for one another on that day.

Also try something a little less traditional at one point or another throughout your day. Something that will cause your mind and your heart to fall in line collectively and with each other. Such as a stolen moment, before or after the ceremony. With trying to stay on schedule; ergo to avoid paying additional fees, greeting your guests, and on top of that trying to actually enjoy the day, it can become a tad bit overwhelming. Nowadays brides and grooms are “taking” quiet time out for each other during their wedding day. A time to focus solely on each other and maintain your balances.

If you have a fairytale vision for your special day, or if you envisioned a romantic moment with your groom; GO FOR IT!. Delegate that duty to someone who would assist you in making it happen. And then have your photographer there to capture that moment, forever.

After all dreams do come true, producing memories that will last you a lifetime.

Photos: Tony Elmore & Crew of PhotoNY – www.photony.net

The Essence of a Photographer

The Essence of a Photographer

What do you look for when choosing a photographer?

I truly believe God bestows gifts and talents upon individuals who are destined for a greater purpose in this lifetime. For instance, there are photographers and then there are “Photographers”.

On that note: I would love to give tribute to two distinctive lifestyle photographers. Atlanta based, Ross Oscar Knight and New York City based, Parris Whittingham. You can tell how passionate each are in their craft, bringing more than just film to a shoot or an event. Something so much more. Being a wedding planner I am exposed to many different photographers, with a variety of styles. But having seen the work of Ross and Parris nothing quite compares. They both are in a universe all their own. Bringing a unique approach and moving concepts to the images they produce. I am amazed and moved every time I visit their sites(Websites & blogs).

So what should you look for in a wedding photographer?

A) Style
B) Quality
C) Compassion
D) Getting to know them

It’s so important that you develop a relationship with your photographer several months before your wedding. Remember, it’s so much easier to open up around someone that you know, than to someone you don’t really know. After all your photographer will be with you for the majority of your wedding day and you want to be comfortable in every aspect around him or her. You’ll be amazed and captivated by your pics.

In speaking with Parris, I found him to be incredibility gifted and compassionate. He possesses a great sense of humor. His concept: is pure and natural. He’s all about getting to know the people and couples he photographs, not just on a business level, but a personal level and it shows in his art.

So Kudos to Ross Oscar Knight and Parris Whittingham. I look forward to working with you guys in the near future… To see more of Ross & Parris’ work stay tuned to the “Spotlight Tribute” where I will feature some of their work on the memoirs blog soon. Until then feel free to visit: www.rossoscarknight.com and www.pswhittingham.com

Essence of a Photographer – Part 2

Essence of a Photographer – Part 2

This is a follow up from a previous post this past spring, on what to look for when selecting a photographer for your milestone event. It is so important that you develop some type of relationship beforehand. So I would suggest scheduling pre-sessions (engagement, photo shoot) so that way you can get to know him/her and the camera as well. For those of you who are not as photogenic as others tend to be, I recommend doing this. You will not only be glad that you did it, but you’ll look and feel comfortable in front of the camera the day of. It will make a world of a difference!

So in my quest to locate and connect with lifestyle photographers who go above and beyond their calling. Those who allow their gifts to make room for them. I have found far and few whose work have been refreshing, inspiring, and captivating. This photographer’s attention to detail is any planners dream come true. His ability to capture a moment, forever in time, is truly remarkable.

I would like to introduce some and present to others, my friend and colleague, Atlanta based Ross Oscar Knight. Ross is one of the most sought after lifestyle photographers and he is well known for his shots all over the globe. A humanitarian, and a leader who also gives back to his community.

I would like to share some (a few of my favorites) of his work with you..

“…the key is to Love what you see.” -Knight

If capturing memories are one of your top goals for your special day, don’t settle. I can’t expressed the importance of thoroughly researching the person you consider to be at the heart of your special day. A seasoned wedding photographer will know what shots work best traditional and non traditional in sealing those moments in time forever.

Just know that anyone can take a picture, but only one can tell your story.

Happy Planning!


Peyton Marries Lucas (Forever and Almost Always)

Peyton Marries Lucas (Forever and Almost Always)

This was a very beautiful and moving One Tree Hill episode. Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer finally married her one true love, Lucas Scott. I have to say that the set for this outdoor wedding was incredible. Beginning with the the foliage arch accented with ivory roses and lilies to the aisle lined with rose petals to the decorative bird cages. Very romantic.

To top it off, Haley performed the ceremony and Nate and Brooke were the attendants. It was intimate, simple, yet elegant.

I truly loved this idea and the possibilities of incorporating scenery and other creative attributes are endless.

Are you an outdoors type? What are your thoughts about this idea? Also, the music featured on tonight’s episode was great as well.

Happy Planning!


Letisha & Mark (Part 3)

Letisha & Mark (Part 3)

Two were joined as one on May 23, 20015. For those of you who have followed the Memoirs blog are familiar with these two love birds. I apologize for the delay in posting these. Here are some of the elements of Letisha and Mark’s special day featured below. First let me begin by expressing the joy I had working with these two. Letisha had brilliant ideas and exquisite taste and Mark, well he was NID (Not Into Details). But he loved a great party and that’s exactly what he got. Between the Letisha, I and the collaboration of a team of wonderful vendors, this was the result:

The church was a beautiful old age church with big wooden doors, antique pews, and a 67 ft aisle. The runner created by I Do Originals was exceptional. The wonderful aisle decor was done by Flavio of Divine Decor, Ltd.

The Reception was held at Riccardo’s By The Bridge. Upon entering the main dining room guests would stop at the escort table to find their seating under branches almost 7 feet tall. The menu cards were created by yours truly through the Dreams & Keepsakes division of LMEP.

With the candlelight, lowered overhead lights, and the blue created such a calming ambiance.

One thing Mark did not expect, and was so into the details of his surprise from Letisha, his Scorpion groom’s cake, masterly created by Christine of Design Cakes. The King was blown away.

Letisha opted for wedding cupcakes in lieu of the traditional wedding cake. These also prepared by Christine and were delicious. The scroll “Love is Forever” on top tied the theme together. A Wonderful wedding, and a super fun filled party. Everyone had a blast so much so they added another hour. Other elements of the day were a dove release, a chocolate fountain, a photo booth, ice sculptures, and more. I am only able to give you a sneak preview through my digital lens, but will post professional photos when they arrive.

Congratulations Leti & Mark! I pray many Blessings & Happiness for a successful marriage.