A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

The day started off with a slight overcast. It had rained the day and night before. During the set up at the church no one complained it might rain on the Big Day. As we worked to decorate the church, there was an air of excitement, yet everyone was calm, or so it appeared to me.

Adrienne’s day started at 7:00 AM. She had a 9:00 AM hair appointment. Nothing was left to chance with the tight itinerary I had lined up. I can only imagine how she must have felt with only just a few hours away before she would walked down that rose petaled path towards her groom and her destiny.

Adrienne arrived a back at the house slightly behind schedule, but just in time to for her make up to be applied by her make up artist, Carmen Garcia of Simply for Her. Carmen did a wonderful job on all of the bridal party’s make up. The girls were “in” fab from head to toe. Adrienne was especially overwhelmed with how she looked for her big day.

The rain fell sporadically that day. Leaving moments where the sun shined through and the rainbows casted an umbrella of blessings in the sky for this joyous occasion.

So it began…

When I began assisting my sister plan her special day, I only needed 3 things from her: Her favorite flower, her color scheme, and for her to tell me her vision for her day. She didn’t have an idea. So I asked her to be open to ideas and concepts. She agreed. As stated before in a previous post Adrienne is a huge Disney fan. She loves Aladdin. So I incorporated subtle ideas into the plan. I applied the same concept that I used when designing her invitations, and streamlined it throughout the entire wedding. It was reflected in every detail. Such as sheer drapery, luscious floral designs, and timeless keepsakes. All of which was produced through my sub division company,

Dreams & Keepsakes

I was not the photographer but I have enclosed a few photos for your viewing. Enjoy them!

I was told that she cried all the way down the aisle.

And now my gift to my baby sister and her groom…. The Details.

Adrienne didn’t have Aladdins’ Lamp, but she recieved wedding wishes & blessings from her all of her guests.

Special thanks to Constance James of Connie’s Cakery. Elder Michael Peters, Excel Transporatation & Limosuines Services, Carmen Garcia of Simply for Her, and Peter Saunders of Us Photography Studios. The team, Shanae C., Christopher B., Clyde B., Marie W., our Mistress of Ceremonies, Leslie B, and last but not least, Joan M. (our oldest sister) for handling the logistics and the technical aspects of the event. We couldn’t have pulled it off without your expertise. Furthermore, I enjoyed working with each and everyone of you. Job well done all!

Look for the professional photos to be posted on my website in the coming months. Currently I am waiting for photos from other events that were done earlier this season as well.

And to my readers, thanks for all your support and taking this journey with me to my Baby Sisters’ Wedding.

To Mr. & Mrs. Dwight & Adrienne Howard:

Wedding Wire Wedding Websites

Wedding Wire Wedding Websites

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