Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Greetings All,

I just picked up the latest copy of Modern Bride Magazine, graced by the beauties Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway adorned in bridal gowns.

The movie Bride Wars, which open in theaters January 9, is a must see! In a short but brief synapses, the two gal pals both become engaged and begin their wedding plans but learn that there is only one date available at their dream venue, The Plaza. The friendship is tossed, hats are off, blue hair, a tan gone wrong….you get the picture.

In the mag they are interviewed about friendships, planning a wedding and what songs one would choose for her wedding playlist. I am excited about this movie. I can’t wait to see it! In this issue you’ll also find the latest in wedding fashions, calender girls, and so much more. This double cover mag may be a limited edition. So run to the newsstand and pick up your copy TODAY!

This movie is ideal for those who are engaged, and who are already knee deep in the planning process. A wedding planner, must see!

Happy Planning!

Lisa Michelle Wedding Planning

Good To Be Home – Orlando, Florida

Good To Be Home

Greetings All!

While vacations are very necessary, there is Truly no place like home. My adventure started off with my flight from LaGuardia being delayed 5 hours. Yes folks, you read correctly, 5 hours. We arrived in Orlando shortly after 11 PM. Okay… and my flight was scheduled for a 2:33 PM departure. For two days, my equilibrium was out of whack!

But on with the show!

My family and I went to Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure. Oh what fun.. we partied with the Blues Brothers

They Rocked…

…and rocked!

These guys on the other hand, were both creepy and intriguing at the same time.

Actually they were a part of the Mummy Ride at Universal Studios. Could you tell? They walked up on you in a heartbeat. Two at a time towering over you, all the while staring at you with their neon green eyes. And the ride…The props. The statues. Out of this World!

Even though my time away was both refreshing and needed, there was an air of anticipation to return home. Probably because I felt that they were so Anti-Dunkin’ Donuts and that Starbucks ruled the land! Anyone who knows me, know that I love Dunkins’ French Vanilla coffee. More importantly with my batteries charged, and ideas brewing for the events on the horizon, I couldn’t wait to get back to New York, safe and sound.

It’s so good to be home…