Settin’ Sails

Settin’ Sails

Uh… well not exactly. Quite rightly, Jet setting. I am actually preparing for a much needed vacation. One that is two years overdue. Where am I going? To the sunny blue skies of Orlando, FL.

This will be the time to get in some serious R & R, and charge my energizer batteries in lue of events on the horizon. Such as baby showers, a wedding and a bridal show (I’ll keep you posted on those events). I’m going to really try and focus on the true intent of this vacation; enjoying time with my family and pure relaxation. If there is such a thing. Also, with that in mind, I plan to travel light. Which means, no computers (can’t check or respond to emails). No business calls (but I will check voicemail). Nothing remotely in the sphere of the industry (wedding shows, books, or magazines). For those of you who know me, my head is always in a book. On the interim, I will take my journal, to jot down ideas. Hey, some things never change.

I will try to get in another post before I leave the office on Saturday. Enjoy your week. Make it a great one! 😀

Unique Styles for your Bridesmaids’ Unique Style

Unique Styles for your Bridesmaids’ Unique Style

Introducing Guest Blogger Bonnie Beck of

You’ve selected those special ladies to stand next to you on your most memorable day and that’s because they’ve been there for you through it all. There is a perfect gift idea that most brides add to their wedding to do lists as part of the wedding preparations and that’s bridesmaid jewelry. Many times the jewelry you give your bridesmaids to wear to the wedding is their “Thank You” gift from the happy couple for sharing in their special occasion. You can take that gift idea and make it more personal, without stamping a monogrammed letter on it.

Every woman generally loves receiving jewelry. It’s an even better gift when it’s jewelry that you can wear after the wedding to other special events or to dress up that favorite outfit. Incorporating your bridesmaids unique style into their bridesmaid jewelry can be both beneficial to you and your maids. Working within the same color palate as your wedding colors allows you to find bridesmaid jewelry that both coordinates with your wedding colors, but looks fabulous on your maids, because they are comfortable within their own style.

One way of coordinating your colors into their bridesmaid jewelry is to select, for example, the same exact necklace or bracelet for all of your maids. Find a design that lends itself well to all sizes and shapes. The best way is to select a necklace or bracelet that offers an extension chain. This way you are sure to fit all sizes within one single product purchase.

Next, select a different pair of earrings for each bridesmaid that reflects their own style. You may be thinking this will look unorganized and not right. However, if you select the same color scheme throughout each pair of earrings, you will have a different style for each maid, but the same color palate that will bring their looks all together, but uniquely. For the bridesmaid that doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, select a simple drop style that’s not over the top or flashy. For the bridesmaid that wears big hoops and bright, bold jewelry, select clustered or chandelier earrings. These styles will all add a dramatic and elegant touch, all within your own color scheme.

After weddings, most brides and bridesmaids dry clean their gowns and pack them away with all of the other wedding accessories. With bridal and bridesmaid jewelry that is customized to a person’s uniqueness and own style, you don’t have to pack away those gems. This is a gift idea that keeps on giving when your bridesmaids wear those sparkly gifts to their next party or celebration.

To view more bridesmaid styles click here.

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The Luv Tag And We’re In It

The Luv Tag (I’m It)

I’ve been shown some “LUV” by the Lovely Lisa of Elite Affairs and I am truly honored. Now I will share, show, and spread some LUV!Honorees please follow these instructions and share the LUV!1. Put the logo on your blog or post. (You can highlight the photo and text of this post and copy/paste wherever you need to…start your highlight from the bottom up to get the photo)
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE
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Drum Roll Please…. and the Nominees/Honorees are:

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Okay – so I have eleven. I have more…but I’ll stop RIGHT NOW!!

TAG!! I’m it?

TAG!! I’m it?

Okay. So I’ve been tagged. It happens. Weren’t you ever “it” at one point or another in the days of your childhood? Ah, the memories.. A colleague of mine and fellow wedding planner, Nicole Scott-Tate of Your Champagne Wishes Events, LLC located in Atlanta, GA has tagged me. So I guess I’m it.

Here are the instructions: answer the questions below and tag at least 3 other people and indicate them in your tag. Let’s keep it going.

1.Did you vote?
2. In which state are you registered?
3. What time did you go to the polls?
4. How long was your wait?
5. Did you incur any problems?
6. What was your reaction when you heard the news that Barack Obama won?
7. Who was the first person you shared your reaction with?
8. Who will you tag ?

My answers:
1. Most Certainly
2. New York
3. 7:30 AM
4. about 40 minutes.
5. I was sent to 2 other District Booths before I found home ) :0
6. I cried and then prayed
7. A close friend
8. Umm good question. Okay- Your It: Lifestyle Photographer, Ross Oscar Knight, Wedding Consultant, Isis, and Wedding Gown & Social Events Designer, Cassandra Bromfield

Wedding Wire Wedding Websites

Wedding Wire Wedding Websites

Do you want a one-stop shop right at your fingertips? A place where you can store all of your information concerning your Big Day and spread the Good News at the same time? Well have I found the “Ideal” wedding tool for you. And it’s free!

This easy to use, comprehensive tool is the answer for today’s savvy, no nonsense, always-on-the-go bride. Here’s how it works:

First you must establish an account to get all the perks and you can do by visiting or click on the title for this article and it will take you straight to the site.

There it will guide you step by step through the process and then you can set up your free wedding website. You’ll find numerous themes to choose from (my favorite is the Vintage), a checklist that you can change and modify to suit your individual needs (11 months before your wedding to days afterwards). You can add your favorite photos and song as well. In addition, hotel accommodations for your guests, as well as places that your out of town guests can visit, and so much more! Then after all is done, you can launch the site to all your family and friends.

Furthermore, if you don’t have all of your vendors for your big day, you can find them through the site. How wonderful is that? A One-Stop-Shop right at your fingertips? Who could ask for more?

Happy Planning!