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When I first started my business, I never really sat down and thought about a marketing plan. A plan, yes, the website, the business cards, etc. etc. But never a thorough plan.

As I stated in a previous post, that I was taking my firm in a new direction with a need and a desire to add diversity. So with new seasons, come new clients. In working with different lifestyles and cultures, LMEP was been blessed with the opportunity to learn and evolve with each new experience. And I want to share them with you.

Thus, I have put together a few marketing tools and would very much love your opinion on each of them. These new and exciting tools are all great in each of their perspectives. I like them all (unbiased, of course). I will definitely keep the staples, but I’m pushing towards adding flare in the “scheme of my marketing” so to say. To get a closer view, just right click on each of the photos. Look each of them over carefully and give me your honest opinion. I would be honored. 😉

Many thanks!

Happy Voting!

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